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Choosing the Best Cabin

Choosing the best cabin

Where are the best cabins on the ship?

Well, this is a very subjective question, and depending on a variety of factors, what defines the “best cabin” may be different for everyone. The short answer is that there are no “best cabins” but rather the “right cabins”. What’s most important in choosing the “right” cabin for you is to identify what’s most important to you. Need a private balcony? Want to be near the nightlife? Prefer to be closer to the elevator or closer to the spa? You get the idea. Since cabins run the entire length of the ship and cover many decks, there’s a cabin to suit every need. So by identifying your most important needs, we can help you choose the “right” cabin. Don’t have any particular preference? Ask your Cruise Hound expert about “cabin guarantees.”

But I heard that it’s “better” to be on a higher deck and mid-ship?

Remember, cruise lines charge more for cabins that are on upper decks, which dates back to the days of “classing” cabins. The upper decks were reserved for first class passengers, while the lower decks accommodated second and third class passengers. Today, there are no “class” delineations, yet the impression many people still have is that the “better” cabins are on the upper decks. Although they may be more conveniently located to some activity areas on the ship, and sometimes larger cabins are located on the upper decks, truth is that many cabins are exactly the same, regardless of what deck they are on. (Your Cruise Hound expert will tell you which cabins are actually larger.) So theoretically, it can cost you more to be in the same size cabin just one deck up, which means it’s convenience, and not class, that dictates the higher ticket price.

Mid-ship cabins are also commonly considered more desirable as they’re conveniently located near the main arteries of the ship. But do they really experience less motion than other cabins located in the front or the back of the ship? Not necessarily. The cruise ships of today are so large, and utilize state-of-the-art stabilizers, that the motion variance between cabins in different locations of the ship is almost undetectable.

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